Hello there! I'm Asaph, pronounced as ASAP (As soon as possible) and yep! You heard that right! Previously an Artillery Officer in the Singapore Armed Forces. A full-time professional realtor with a passion for life.

I'm a property investor myself and am a strong believer in generating wealth for a better quality of life for family and friends alike. I'm looking for like-minded individuals who wish to take action and take charge of their lives. Not just through property purchases, but also experience a change in their lives, to take actionable steps towards achieving their goals.

You may have stumbled upon this page by accident, but you being here is no accident in life's plan for you. Interested in buying/selling/renting/investing in properties? Want to know more about the fundamentals of properties? Or just curious about how a simple tweak in mentality can lead to a more fulfilling life? You're welcome here!



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